Don´t be fooled by the suit. It´s not really Spiderman–Guatemala Day 4

November 2, 2008

In less than 24 hours, we´ll be back home. So, I´m going to keep this short tonight and finish writing about our trip when we´re back in the States. However, John and Jody are much more faithful bloggers than I am, so I suggest you go to their blogs if you´d like a more detailed update of our trip.


The Wiggins–WiggsWorld

However, I did promise I´d post pictures of Spiderman´s surprise visit to the babies´ home. John was Spidey last time, but to keep the mystery going awhile longer, Nate gladly agreed to be a super hero for the night.

William (our driver) helped me push Nate up the wall, so he could surprise the kids. Apparently, he also surprised the ladies in charge who were expecting Spiderman to come through the door!

Emily made sure Spidey had gifts for all the big kids.

For his grand exit, Spiderman scaled the wall... without help.

They love Spiderman and his gifts!


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