It’s time! (Rachael)

March 20, 2009

After months of anticipation, work, preparation, fundraising, frustration, excitement, and prayer, it’s finally time. This Sunday, we, along with eight other people from our church, will be making our first trip of the year to Guatemala.


As of right now, our schedule looks like this:


Sunday, March 22

Arrive, eat, sleep


Monday, March 23

Morning with the babies: The Buckner Babies’ home is where we’ll visit friends like Cristal, Jose, Danny, Alejandra, Estuardo, Mili, and John and Emily’s son, Juan Pablo. 


Afternoon at Eliza Martinez: The last I heard, there were 53 boys at Eliza Martinez.  While we’re at EM, we’ll teach Bible school lessons, make crafts, play soccer and, of course, pass out the Foreign eXchange pencil boxes and letters we’ve been collecting!


Tuesday, March 24

Single moms’ home and Eliza Martinez


Wednesday, March 25

Babies and Eliza Martinez: Don’t tell the kiddos, but rumor has it that Spiderman will be dropping into the babies’ home for a visit sometime during the week.


Thursday, March 26

San Gabriel: In the morning, we’ll be helping out the orphanage staff any way we can (e.g. cleaning).  Then we’ll get to spend the afternoon with the boys.


Friday, March 27

Antigua:  In the morning, we’ll visit the girls at Manchen (manicures for the girls are a definite possibility), and then we’ll spend some time sightseeing and shopping at the market.


Saturday, March 28

Babies and Transitional Homes: I think there may be a pizza party in the works for the transitional homes!


Sunday, March 29

Leave for home


While we’re there, we plan to post everyday.  But, you and I both know that even the best plans don’t always work out the way you, well…planned.  So, we’ll do our best.  Check back often and please pray for us, our team, and the people we’re going down to serve, love on, and encourage.



One comment

  1. Hey Guys!

    I had a wonderful lunch with you this morning (thanks again). I hope you have a great trip, and I look forward to hearing about all you learned and accomplished during your week.

    Good luck =) and remember to have fun!


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