Headin’ Out

January 20, 2010

This time tomorrow, we’ll be in Guatemala!

Nate and I are heading to Chicago this afternoon to enjoy a nice birthday dinner (Happy birthday, Nate!), some shopping at IKEA (Nate’s request, not mine), and a good night’s sleep before our plane takes off bright and early tomorrow morning at 5:40 a.m. 

We’ll be traveling with some of our favorite people from church (Jody Elslager, Shawn and Wendy Wallace, and Adam Pomfret) and hanging out with our favorite kids. 

The majority of our time will be spent at Eliza Martinez.  We hope to teach the boys some practical life skills like how to brush your teeth, wash your hands, tie a tie, and cook spaghetti.  We’ll also be distributing picture albums and pictures from the Foreign Exchange “amigos” here in Indiana.P1050829

Some of our time will also be spent visiting the toddlers (Cristel, Mili, Celeste, and Marvin) at their new home and meeting the children that Shawn, Wendy, and Jody sponsor through Compassion.

The rest of the team heads out on the 25th, but Nate and I are sticking around for a few more days.  We’ve made plans to visit Ale and Danni!  We are looking forward to seeing their new homes and meeting their new caretakers.  We’ve already had some great conversations with Danni’s social worker and the director of Alejandra’s home.  We know these precious children are in good, loving, and capable hands. 

I have been looking forward to seeing their smiles, hearing their laughs, and giving them hugs ever since we last left them in October.





One comment

  1. We’ll be praying for a safe and successful trip. It sounds like you have a lot planned! Have fun 🙂

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