Have you tried this? Part 2: Sparkly Pumpkins and Glitter Glue

October 8, 2012

Is this idea worth sharing? I’m not sure. I know you know about glitter glue. But have you shared its sparkly awesomeness with your toddler? Until the other day, I hadn’t. (Let’s face it…glitter + glue? Sounds like a mess!) But I had some glitter glue (3 bottles for $1 at a local dollar store) and some time (Daddy was on dinner cleanup/baby duty), so I decided to introduce A to the wonderful world of glitter and sparkles. And, guess what? My two-year-old daughter thought it was…(wait for it!) APPLESAUCE. (Applesauce?!)

We started by drawing some shapes to decorate on a piece of construction paper, and then A went to town smushing, squeezing, and smearing glitter all over the paper.

We also took our glitter outside and covered a few of Papaw’s pumpkins. Why? Because it’s fall. And glittery pumpkins are fun for fall.

What’s more, the local squirrels think our pumpkins make a delicious snack. To discourage the little buggers, we’ve tried spraying our pumpkins with hairspray, coating them with hot sauce, and now covering them with glitter.  I know the glitter will wash off in the rain, but it’s a pretty way to discourage them for a day or two.

Total cost? $.33 for a tube of glitter glue. (Admittedly, the cost would be more if you don’t have a pumpkin farmer for a dad. But you were going to buy pumpkins anyway, right?)

Mess was minimal. (Certainly less messy than CARVING a pumpkin!)

The toddler had fun.



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