A’s favorite experiment (Have you tried this? Part 4)

October 19, 2012

Yesterday I pulled out a cookie sheet with the idea in mind to do a magnet activity, but my toddler had other plans.

She wanted to play with bubbles on her cookie sheet.

I gave her a bowl full on vinegar (last time we added food coloring), an old medicine dropper, and a pan full of baking soda.

Then I left her alone (well, you know, I was there. But it was child-led play), and she went to town.

This is a classic toddler experiment. Does your kid love it as much as my daughter does?!

The last time we tried this, A had a little trouble handling the dropper/vinegar by herself. But her fine motor skills are improving, and she did much better this time. However, when her little fingers eventually grew tired, I took over the squeezing and just let her point out where she wanted the vinegar to go.

Her interpretation of the sizzle sound? “Pop, Pop, Pop!”

And what did she think it smelled like? “Bubbles.”

What did it taste like? Who knows! “No eat it, Mommy.”

In the end, I let her dump the whole bowl, and she smeared the vinegar and baking soda around the pan.

That didn’t last long. She’s kind of a clean kid (no complaints here!), and she kept asking me to wipe her hands.

When we were done, she wanted to “bake it.” She’s right of course; we usually do bake the things we put on cookie sheets. Maybe next time we’ll have to try baking our baking soda!


One comment

  1. You are woman after a preschool teacher’s heart! Great way to strengthen those fingers for the future writer or artist or???? she may become. How fun.

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