Christmas Bucket List

November 14, 2012

After my last weighty post about Santa Claus, I figured it was time for something fun and lighthearted.

The Advent calendars with activity ideas are good in theory; however, I’m terrible with the execution. Sure, I’d like to be able to say with certainty that on December 13th we’ll have hot chocolate and bake cookies. But on December 13th our toddler may have resisted her nap for close to two hours. Or our newborn may have pooped through her clothes and puked on me (twice). Or maybe someone will have a cold. Or maybe Daddy will get home late. Or maybe Mommy will just not be up for loading everyone into the car and looking at Christmas lights in our pajamas at 7:00 p.m. on December 20th. With two little ones, I just can’t plan that precisely or that far in advance.

So this year we’re trying something new. Instead of assigning each activity to a specific day, we’ve created a bucket list filled with fun ideas we’d like to get around to sometime during the Christmas season. Most of the activities are for the parents or the two-year-old, but I do want to make sure we make Baby’s First Christmas memorable (Okay, so she won’t actually remember it, but you know what I mean!) for our little baby.

Our list is saved as a picture, so click on it to enlarge and read. Feel free to personalize, print, or share!


Christmas Bucket List2


What ideas would you add?


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