First Day in Guatemala (Nate)

June 16, 2010

Although I won’t expect it to happen again, they held our connecting flight in Houston even though our first flight was delayed. Thanks, Continental Airlines!

Customs was a breeze even though we came through with 144 pairs of new, identical sunglasses for the kids. No officials searching for bribes. Thanks to God and all the people who were praying for us.

A group from Kokomo, IN was at Casa Bernabe this afternoon, and we were able to plop down and help out at the perfect time as Daniel and his housemates were all headed toward craft time with the other Hoosiers! Interesting timing.  We helped the kids each make a Belt of Truth and talked with Daniel.  When he first saw us, he immediately commented on Rachael’s shorter hair.  Soon after, he wanted to know what we were naming the baby.  In honor of his three best friends from the Buckner Baby Home, his top suggestions were “Daniela,” “Juanita,” Estuarda,” and “Josefina.”

P1080604 We’re worn out from travel and looking forward to our week with Christy (my sister), Chris (our brother-in-law), and the kids! Pray that God meets these orphans’ needs as we rest and do our best with what we have.

Tomorrow morning we’ll take a tour of Hogar Solidario, see Isabel from the Buckner Baby Home, pick up Daniel for lunch, and then head back to Eliza Martinez for an afternoon with the boys. Please continue to pray for us.




  1. So glad to hear that you made it safely and could quickly get to the children. Looking forward to hearing more about moments with the former Buckner baby gang and the mission for Foreign exchange. Praying for baby Juanita 🙂

  2. Yay for the trip getting off to a great start! A group from Kokomo, eh?! Are they a group from a particular church?

  3. glad you made it safely & through customs in a ‘breeze’! i like daniel’s name suggestions for baby Brown:) we will be praying for your time.

  4. So very thankful for an easy time with customs. Last time made me muy nervous. Praying for you!

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